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~ Nature-guided Therapy ~


Here are a few Nature-guidance tools you can try out for yourself:

* River therapy tool - The river will always show us if we are aligned with our natural flow, or fighting the current. Take 20 minutes to sit by a river, creek or waterfall, allowing all tension in your mind to easily be washed away. Notice after this time whether your thoughts seem clearer, less scattered, and also notice how your body feels more centered and calm.

* Tree therapy tool - Trees show us how to stand firmly in strong, healthy roots, let our branches dance with the gentle winds of change, and soak in the sunshine of our lives. Sit with your back against a tree for at least 20 minutes whenever you feel you need more support in your life. Notice how your body feels afterwards and if you can better sense your own inner strength and support that is always there.

* Mountain therapy tool - Mountains mirror back to us that sense of awe we get when we feel we have conquered inner turmoil once more and only a deep sense of strong, inner peace is left residing in us. When you are feeling overwhelmed by life's challenges, sitting on top of a hill or mountain can give you a wider perspective and help you to remember that you are not the mountain of 'problems' that your mind may tend to bury itself in, but the clarity beyond all of it.

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