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~ Nature-guided Coaching~


Nature brings us back to our center, back Home to our own hearts. Nature's balance and wholeness mirrors our own truth of already
being whole, thereby helping us return to greater balance and well-being.

By listening to the stories in nature, we can use it as a tool
to show us our own answers inside and learn how to trust
ourselves better.

Nature's guidance does this by:

* Allowing our bodies to relax, thus reducing stressful thoughts
which get in the way of seeing our inner guidance.
Mind and body are always interconnected.

* Showing us reflections of ourselves in a non-judgmental,
supportive way so as to help us see our true selves better, without
the masks we’ve learned to wear for approval or acceptance.

* Gently guiding us towards answers we would not have seen
otherwise through contemplation of a scene or experience in nature.

Nature-guided Therapy sessions are offered on the beautiful Central California coast from the Monterey Peninsula to Big Sur areas.
~ I am also available to travel to other areas and states. ~

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