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Poetry by Elaine Bolduc

These poems and others will also be available in my next book "Move Silence, Dance Peace".

* * * * *

Half Dome, Whole Heart

How can this be that I am your other Half?
What is it that distinguishes me, a mere human being, from you,
a mountain of graceful granite?
What is the same in each?
I need your strength and silence to remind me of my own.
I thank you for that.
I want to always be in the subtlest of light as sunset washes over
your solid and constant function of simply being,
the mountain I look to for my own peace, inside of me.
Awakened I see my own heart in you, somehow masking itself as
a grand mountain, of seeming grey, but also light.
This was my search for sanctity, in your arms of might and Oneness,
in my own heart as you, as me.
How is it that we are held most preciously in Yosemite’s essence
of light and simply being, embraced, held as if only you and I are here,
alone with our wholeness in each other?
I call this Infinite Peace.
Half Dome, Whole Heart.


* * *

Beyond Words

No words, no thoughts,
No beliefs, no concepts,
No ideas of time or space
Are here in this moment
Of Being

No judgment or fear,
No movement or tears,
No struggle or strain,
No pain

Dis-illusionment sets in from here
There is nowhere else to go
Or Be

This beingness is always here
Only short-sightedness makes it
Appear as if it is not
Patterns of dis-illusionment are necessary now

Beyond healing, beyond growth,
Beyond even emotion or heaven,
Is all that IS beyond words.


* * *

Earth Day

She dances with the sunlight and moon light and stars
She twirls with graceful ease, joy and peace
Her heart of liquid gold gives rise to her majestic mountains and elegant valleys
Flowing rivers and sanctuaries of forest and meadows
And to our very flesh and blood
Her gentle nature is our nature too
In her heart of timeless Love is
Where the dance of a thousand things becomes One
She is the most precious of Beings
She is Earth
She is All of us


* * *

Wake up call

Morning. Sunrise. Awakened.
My day has just begun.
Morning. Snooze button, and I have
Fallen back to sleep - twenty times-
Again and again.
I missed the sunrise again.
“Someday” I tell myself, “I will awaken
And stay awake for the dawn,
The sun rising within me.”
Someday. Maybe today.
Yes -
The gentle Light of dawn is always
the best to awaken within.


* * *

Setting Sun

The sun is setting. Again.
This process of rising and setting seems only to perpetuate itself.
Once again.
Why not? You say. It’s life.
Rising, expanding, blooming, expressing.
And then dividing itself
-once again.
By resting, relieving, just being, contracting even, dying
And then once again dividing itself back into the light.
All are one. Cycle.
Mediating the heavens and earths
That appear to be separate, but are, again,
Indeed one.
Not only the heavens make this distinction and Oneness
-so subtle at first glance.
Taken for granted even.
Perhaps we are living our Oneness more than we think.
Heaven’s door. No more.

Peace for now. You are love.


* * *

Welcome Home

This life
Was a dream
To return us home
Once again

To our true nature
As one with the Uni-verse
- with each other
And with our infinite imagination

Pure love
Is this life
And every life

* * *


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