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When the mind is allowed to be at peace and the heart is allowed to heal and open to its true state of joy, spirit flows easily through our lives, expressing ecstatically its true Being here. It may take some practice to quiet the mind, but if we can simply allow the silence and stillness for a bit, letting all mental debris float effortlessly to the surface and gently back into our natural flow, we find ourselves in a clearer state of true awareness than we've ever known. From this place of simply Being, we begin to remember our true selves, seeing that we are infinite Love and Light itself. Our 'journey' here is simply Being - anything our spirit feels inspired to Be.
My spirit is here to help awaken the Light of peace within, so that you may begin to heal your heart and open it to the joyful essence that you truly are.


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Healing the Heart

Open your heart, for it wishes to be free.
To enliven your Spirit with endless joy.
It wishes to sing and dance and forget that it was ever closed in the first place.
This dance of joy also wishes to enliven and heal those around you,
for nothing furthers compassion more than to share it.
Your heart has wings you see, to let your Spirit soar within it's infinite light of Joy.
So open your heart to loving and being loved, for that is the only way that it can heal.

Whatever it takes, open your heart.

~ ~ ~

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Lessons from Nature's Guidance

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Red Cliffs and the truth of your core

Boynton Canyon, Sedona, Arizona

Native Americans believe that everything in nature has a spirit, an essence that lives in it. If we look up the word “Nature” in the dictionary, it literally means essence. If you look up “Spirit” in the dictionary, it literally means, ‘the essence or nature of something’.

I think of this as I sit near the mouth of Boynton Canyon in Sedona, Arizona and admire the rain and wind-sculpted red cliffs that surround me. One looks sort of like and old Irishman with derby cap and all. Another resembles a large cave-like hand high above as if reaching out to grasp something. At some point I realize that the cliffs are showing me not what the weather has sculpted but the actual essence within them. I wonder if the spirit within the mountains are simply showing who they are. (There is even one in Sedona that looks like ‘Snoopy’ laying on his back.)

This is their story:

“The rain drop does not choose which way it will run down the wall of the mountain, sculpting it over time. Rather it is the essence of the mountain itself that determines which way it will allow the rain drop to fall and shape it. The weather of your life (your life experiences) does not determine or create who you are. It is the core of your Being that decides not only which way experiences sculpt it, but also which experiences it chooses to use to do the sculpting.”

It is like the painter choosing which colors to put on his canvas based on what image he wants to create. If you have ever noticed with paintings, each artist’s work has a distinct feel or concept which comes through. We can say, oh that must be so and so’s painting because it looks like their work. We become familiar with the expression on the canvas and identify it with the artist’s expression of who they are. The painter is not the canvas nor the image. The painter, like the spirits of nature, is the essence or core that paints and sculpts to express what it is.



Twisted oaks and shadows of illusion

Garland Ranch Park, Carmel Valley, California

Thick, rough, curved and entwined oak trees, even with Spanish moss hanging on them. What chance does the sun’s rays have to penetrate this forest, of shadows? Still, the fresh, new grass and flowers growing ever so easily beneath spread out with joy in the springtime breeze. The softness of the scene does offer its peace. As the sun shifts, so do the shadows, reminding me that the sun always shines and is omnipotent, whereas the shadows are always changing, inch by inch, minute by minute, and so not to take them too seriously, nor contemplate their depth of character. We are neither the light nor the shadows, but life itself.

We all have our mental shadows of which we have become accustomed to thinking of them as who and what we are. They tend to shift only slightly year after year, but even in our attaching ourselves to them, we have shifted as they have, moving as the sun moves them. It is just that we have not allowed ourselves to see the sunlight which creates the illusion that they are there in the first place. There are many experiences in our lives that can, if we allow them to, help us to not only see the shadows for what they are (temporary thought structures), but show us a glimpse of the possibility at being able to see the sunlight and to perhaps dwell in that space instead. If we are having a ‘rough’ day or week or even year, we usually figure out that at some point things will get better. We almost expect it. But if we continue to dwell in the ‘roughness’ of the day or week or year, identifying the roughness of our life as who and what we are, it becomes difficult to see the shadow of that thought as a shadow or to even see the fresh, new grass and flowers of blooming possibility underneath it all. Thus it becomes challenging to see our true selves, the truth of our beautiful shining spirit and being aware of that, live in alignment with it.

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