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September 29, 2008


View from Glacier Point, Yosemite - Photo by Elaine Bolduc


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Honoring Your Spirit
Lesson from Horse

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"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as though everything is."
—Albert Einstein

Honoring Your Spirit

“The greatest adventure of your life is finding your own rhythm and dancing to it.” ~ E.B.

For years my spirit drew me to exploring the wonderful peace and amazing clear balance of nature. To the majestic Sierra Nevada, Olympic and Cascade mountains, the pristine alpine lakes and valleys of Hope Valley, Lake Tahoe, Dorothy Lake and Lake Alpine, the Dungeness, Merced and Carson rivers, and the peaceful, kind, healing Light of it all. My spirit still draws me to nature, especially when I have forgotten my own inner peace and balance. It's in nature that I see the great beauty and simplicity of life and everything that is True, and it reminds me that I am that natural beauty and simplicity too.

Had I not honored my own spirit by following it, following my heart into Yosemite sunrises and wild ocean breezes, I would not have found my way back to my own true nature as Infinite Love and Light Itself. I would not have found Home and seen that we are Home already, when we remember it. This is what honoring your spirit is all about and it is the One goal that God / the One Spirit has for all of us, for Itself. To simply remember that It IS Infinite Love and Light, the creative expression that everything is.

The greatest compliment (gift) we can give God/the One Infinite Spirit is to honor our own unique spirit/creative expression of It. To honor your spirit is to honor your own FREE heart, the one that has never lived in or even known fear. This is your True essence, who you are. Acknowledging, accepting, opening to and embracing your True essence is honoring your spirit and is the most loving thing you can do, for yourself and for others. When we honor our own spirit we find it easier to honor the spirit of others, the unique expression of every aspect of the One. It is the easiest and most natural way to live because it is simply just Being you and allowing it to be that easy. This is where we see Love the clearest, because we ARE this Love that is our own essence. I call this sense of complete ease of being the 'Clear Point', where I am not thinking who I am, but simply being It.

Being the Clear Point


~ ~ ~

Welcome Home

This life
Was a dream
To return us home
Once again

To our true nature
As one with the Uni-verse
- with each other
And with our infinite imagination

Pure love
Is this life
And every life

~ ~ ~

Horsey at Gibson Beach, Point Lobos State Reserve - Photo by Elaine Bolduc

Lesson from Horse

The main message from Horse is claiming, or reclaiming, the freedom of our spiritual power, our Truth. By power, I do not mean 'force' as in physical pushing or pulling, but the 'power' of spirit as already infinitely free. Horse reminds us that as Spirit, we are already free in all ways, but our conditioned minds have forgotten this, believing they are limited by a body and emotions. As Spirit, your freedom is simply Love as that is what you are made of. The horse totem represents freedom, physical strength derived from spiritual power, and adventure/travel.

The freedom to creatively express / be Itself, its own unique expression of the All, is what horse teaches us and is what we are all here for. In remembering this lesson, we honor our own spirit as free and lovingly powerful to Be here.

~ ~ ~


Light. Spirit. Nature. Essence.
Life, knowing, not knowing, Being. Essence.
Forgiving, wondering, wandering, seeing. Essence.
Moving, thinking, singing, flying. Essence.

Sweeping into oblivion,
Registering sadness and peace,
Dancing in the wind,

This dance of life
And sight
And rivers of manifesting illusions
Either is lovely or un-delightful
Is essence

Redwood trees and mountain meadows
Sky high buildings and mudflats
Ocean breeze and beliefs of grandeur
All essence

There is nothing that is not

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Lake Tahoe - Photo by Elaine Bolduc



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Thought to un-ponder: “Where do I live - mentally, emotionally, spiritually?.”

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