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June 30, 2009


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New Beginnings
Beyond healing, growth and learning

Falling into Oneness

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New Beginnings

After incubating this issue for over a month now, I have finally decided to simply let it be what it wants to be. Peaceful Insights, like me, is about to morph into something different. I can feel the flexing and the change coming, but still do not know yet what it will become, just as I am not yet fully aware of who or what I will become next. Sometimes it feels like I shift into someone new on a daily basis, other times the changes seem to take a longer, slower approach. For all I know, the hatching may happen by tomorrow morning. Maybe I'll even get a new body! :) I have learned that Spirit can work instantly when we allow it. Since my last issue on Easter, I have dove into The Tao of Equus* journey, worked with horse spirit therapy, begun embracing my "inner horse power", finally moved back into Carmel Valley where I have been drawn the past four years, will soon begin physical therapy, and have started settling into the center of my own Truth and path. Settling into my Center, I feel less drawn to speak in words and more inspired to communicate through the heart instead. When we live directed by our minds, we tend to use words, but when living from our hearts, we use more of our intuitive abilities, where true communication happens. The heart simply conveys Love. The mind conveys everything it can get ahold of! When I started the Peaceful Insights online letters, my original intention was for it to be a sort of Journal for Spirit to convey Peaceful Inspirations that would come through me. Perhaps it is time for Spirit's Journal to begin here. Stay tuned!

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My brief "coaches", Teddy and Debonaire

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"We dance around in a ring and suppose, while the secret sits in the middle and knows."
~ Robert Frost

Beyond healing, growth and learning

Beyond healing, growth and learning is wholeness, completeness and knowing. Clear Knowing. Beyond healing, when the "healing" is finished, we are whole. Beyond growth, when the "growth" is finished, we are complete. Beyond learning, when the "learning" is finished, we finally KNOW. In this I am referring to ourselves, who and what we think we are, or were conditioned to believe we are. When we have "danced around in a ring" for a long time, we get to a point when we see that we are the only ones keeping the dance going and that we know our secret sits in our middle, our own center, our heart. At this point, we are given the opportunity to simply sit in the middle and KNOW. This is where truly free creative expression comes from. This is where Peaceful Inspirations originally started years ago. When I would immerse myself in the pure Light of nature, I was sitting in my center, and just knew. We may dance in and out a few more times, just to be sure we really want to commit to our knowing, but when you open, accept and embrace your Truth that lives deep within your own Heart, you finally enter this "clear knowing" and your real life begins. I wish I could hand this insight directly to your heart, but this is the One that only you can deliver to yourself. My invitation to you is just to sit with it and allow the insight to possibly be there for you.

Carmel River, California

Falling into Oneness

Falling in love or falling into Oneness, Infinite Love is actually the same thing, in It's true intention. The main force of Life is Oneness actually, an infinitely choreographed dance of creative expression, Love and Light. If we are lucky, we may find things in this life that remind us of our Oneness, people or places or experiences that help us remember that we are not only already whole, complete and know our Truth, but we are all The One that is remembering or actually Knowing. I always like to think of it as the infinite One Diamond that we are all precious facets of. Having been blessed by the beauty and peaceful, kind Light of nature and the gift of people I can see and thus remember my wholeness in, I wish this for you also, every day, always.

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Listening to the heart

Let your heart speak for itself.
Not in words or even emotions
In the way only hearts speak and communicate
In the pure flow of Love, the Infinite Itself
All that IS

Let your heart say what it needs to ‘say’ simply by allowing
By opening
That’s what Love is
Just Opening
Being Open
Wholey Infinitely Open, pure, innocent

This is where clear vision comes from
A fully open heart
To ourselves
To each other
To the world
To Life
Simply allowing

Sunset at Mission Beach, California

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- Books -

*The Tao of Equus, Linda Kohanov
Riding between the Worlds:Expanding our potential through the way of the horse, Linda Kohanov

- Websites -
Tao of Equus
The Work of Byron Katie

Thought to un-ponder: "Centered in Love, we are ONE.”

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