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July 7, 2008


View from Glacier Point, Yosemite National Park - Photo by Elaine Bolduc

Welcome to the premiere edition of Peaceful Insights, the new online
insight-letter for Peaceful Inspirations by Elaine Bolduc.

Peaceful Inspirations
~ Awakening the Light of Peace within ~


In this issue:

Love and Inspiration
Move Silence, Dance Peace
Opening the heart to healing and joy
Poems & Resources

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Love and Inspiration

The best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more
- that plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds.”
(from the movie The Notebook)

This kind of love, at its core, is inspiration, that light that awakens us to our Truth as the Joy of Infinite Love (God) itself. Anything can inspire this kind of Love, be it personal relationships, the beauty and simplicity of nature, or the elegance of life itself. This kind of Love is beyond polarity, beyond duality and is in essence a union that reaches beyond time and space itself to our true Unity with each other and All. It is the strength and Peace of Oneness that draws us together, back into the Infinite Heart of the One.

‘Inspiration: to be inspired, to be in-Spirit.’

Anything that opens our hearts to more joy, our true joyous selves, is what inspires us, what enlivens our very being. It is that which calls to our deepest inner essence, to be alive with passion, wonder and infinite peace.
The heart opens (we open) to what inspires us because it is a recognition of ourselves (Spirit), our light, as Infinite Love being, moving through this world. What inspires us feeds us as our own life force. Spirit lives here - in the heart, the doorway into this world.

What inspires us IS us. Who we are.
As spirit, as nature, as Love itself.
ISness = I.S. = Infinite Spirit


Beyond Words

No words, no thoughts,
No beliefs, no concepts,
No ideas of time or space
Are here in this moment
Of Being

No judgment or fear,
No movement or tears,
No struggle or strain,
No pain

Dis-illusionment sets in from here
There is nowhere else to go
Or Be

This beingness is always here
Only short-sightedness makes it
Appear as if it is not
Patterns of dis-illusionment are necessary now

Beyond healing, beyond growth,
Beyond even emotion or heaven,
Is all that IS beyond words.

~ ~ ~

Tuolumne Meadows, Yosemite NP - Photo by Elaine Bolduc


Move silence, dance peace

“The greatest adventure of your life is finding your own rhythm and dancing to it.” ~ E.B.

If we can’t trust our heart enough to follow it, we will not be able to find our true rhythm, which is the heart’s rhythm, and we will feel lost in this world. Feel the silent music in your heart, in nature and in the universe. Feel the base resonance/ frequency of the world, of the universe, of your true nature, of your Wholeness as Infinite Love itself, and you will connect to your own heart beat.

The silent music within your own heart beat is your natural rhythm. Dance to that!

~ ~ ~

Listening to the heart

Let your heart speak for itself.
Not in words or even emotions
In the way only hearts speak and communicate
In the pure flow of Love, the Infinite Itself
All that IS

Let your heart say what it needs to ‘say’ simply by allowing
By opening
That’s what Love is
Just Opening
Being Open
Wholey Infinitely Open, pure, innocent

This is where clear vision comes from
A fully open heart
To ourselves
To each other
To the world
To Life
Simply allowing

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


“We cannot solve a problem at the same level of consciousness that created it.”
~ Albert Einstein

Insights from a hummingbird
(hummingbird medicine: transforming the heart by opening it to joy, the timelessness of the heart)

Sitting by the Carmel river in Carmel Valley, California, I enjoy spending time with and learning from the hummingbirds that remind me to open to my inner joy more often and to remember what the heart is for.
This was their clear message a few weeks ago:

"Joy is a different level of consciousness, a different level of being, even a different dimension altogether you might say. The open heart is where Joy lives. In the state of pure joy, there is no thinking, no processing of thoughts, only the pure effortless flow of the Infinite itself, Spirit in its natural state."

This is where we can more effectively shift our lives, essentially ‘solving’ what appears to be problems at the level of mind consciousness (or really unconsciousness). I call it opening to our innate joyful inner genius. There is no problem that a truly open, clear heart cannot solve.

"This is where clear vision comes from - a fully open heart"

We can’t think our way to clarity (of vision) because clarity is beyond thought, and processing thoughts is what creates the un-clarity, sort of like a beaver building a dam in the middle of a clear flowing river. With each structure the mind weaves together, it blocks a part of our infinite clear awareness, where the true ‘solutions’ exist. We can’t think our way to healing (wholeness) either because our infinite wholeness is beyond thought and so beyond ‘understanding’ from the level of mind. True healing lives in the heart.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Carmel sunset, CA - Photo by Elaine Bolduc


Opening your heart to healing and joy

When our hearts have been wounded by experiences, we tend to close them, attempting to protect them from further pain. Not realizing it, in this reaction we are actually causing ourselves more pain because any time we close our hearts to Love (try to block Love), we are actually attempting to prevent the one thing that will heal the pain. Trying to block love out of fear is like holding your breath. Both will kill you, metaphorically and literally.

Yes, it does take time for wounds to heal, especially wounds of the heart, because that is where our true Spirit lives, but if we are to live again, fully, joyfully and in peace, we must let Love be there for us while the heart heals. The ‘love’ that we have learned to close to in times of pain is not really ‘Love’ anyway. It is a pseudo-love of the mind that some of us grow up learning and believe is real Love. Real Love, Infinite Love actually cannot harm in any way and cannot be blocked because we are Infinite Love Itself. This is true Love, the One that heals all wounds easily if we allow it to simply be there for us. This of course means that even when we are in pain, we must still keep the heart open, for if we do not, Spirit cannot get in to help us heal and our own Spirit surely cannot get out to express its beauty here, and we begin to slowly die inside of our own self-made prison.

"Your defenses are like dams that block miracles [and healing-E.B.]
from flowing naturally in your life." ~ Lee Jampolsky

One thing that does not seem intuitive to many (I had to learn it by going through it), is that when we have lived with a closed heart for a long time, buried in our own sadness, grief, fear and even anger, when we gain the courage (strength of heart) to finally open it again to our joy, at first it seems as though it hurts even more. This is because when our heart, our joy/spirit, buried under fear and grief, begins to open again it must unbury itself, pushing through the layers, birthing itself again to take a full breathe. It’s like an attic door that has stuff piled on top of it. It takes a lot of energy (courage) to push it open, to clear away the junk on it, but when it’s finally open then the cobwebs can be cleaned out and light and love can bring in new life.

~ ~ ~

Healing the Heart

Open your heart, for it wishes to be free.
To enliven your Spirit with endless joy.
It wishes to sing and dance and forget that it was ever closed in the first place.
This dance of joy also wishes to enliven and heal those around you,
for nothing furthers compassion more than to share it.
Your heart has wings you see, to let your Spirit soar within it's infinite light of Joy.
So open your heart to loving and being loved, for that is the only way that it can heal.
Whatever it takes, open your heart.

~ ~

Tenaya Lake sunrise, Yosemite NP - Photo by Elaine Bolduc


Resources for helping open the heart to heal

- Books -
The Love of Nature & the Nature of Love, Elaine Bolduc (coming soon)
Smile for No Good Reason, Lee Jampolsky
The Diamond in your Pocket, Gangaji

- Websites -

Thought to un-ponder: “Why would I give anything in life the power to upset my peace of mind?”

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