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January 17, 2009


View from Glacier Point, Yosemite - Photo by Elaine Bolduc

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Four Powerful Words - "Dying to say Yes!"

New year, new beginnings and the perfect time to ask ourselves the questions we've avoided the past year or for some of us, years. So why not start off with a doozy?! :)
What are you "dying to say Yes!" to? Love? New possibilities? Hope? New career? A new relationship? Peace? Your spirit's own Joy? Your dreams? Life? And... what is stopping you?

On a recent poetry radio program Dr. Barbara Mossberg was speaking on Barack Obama and his campaign about saying "Yes We Can" to things and how there is a new movie out now called "Yes Man". During her program she made a statement that jumped out and grabbed me, almost to say "Yes! Pay attention." She said that sometimes we are dying to say yes to things but, for whatever reasons are too afraid. After incubating this thought for a couple of days it appeared to blossom into a question rather than a statement. What am I dying to say Yes! to? As someone with a current chronic health challenge, you could say this question is not only metaphorical but literal for me, and unfortunately many people. If we are afraid to say Yes! to Life itself, of course we are going to be dying, literally, and if we are afraid to say Yes! to Love, to new possibilities, to ideas, to our own spirit and expression that is simply only here to creatively express itself, then of course we are dying inside. You can't get around it really.

I also thought, how can we use this statement and question to actually bring more Yes!, more aliveness into our lives? If the above question yielded no immediate response from you then you are either one of the fortunate on the planet who live a peaceful, healthy, vibrant life and are already saying Yes! to your spirit and life or, if you are less than peaceful, healthy and vibrantly alive, one of us who have learned to ignore the question altogether. If you are one of the latter, you must go deeper to uncover what your spirit is "dying to say Yes!" to, to what it is trying to come alive to. If for example your spirit is dying to say yes to a new career but your mind has learned the idea "it's no use, I'm too old to start over, I don't have the talent, etc.", then you will have to first unbury your spirit's Light and joy from underneath these layers of learned fear.

Photo by Elaine Bolduc

Underneath the surface waves of our lives, there is either a deep sense of complete peace or a steady uneasiness at best and constant confusion, pain or apathy at worst. If you feel or sense nothing at all from the statement, sometimes it can help to keep asking other questions to unbury the layers of learned fears. Most often, if we have something we are dying to say yes to, we may get a lump in the throat or uneasy feeling in our stomach. Even these are good hints that something has been buried, mainly your own life force, your spirit.

I remember Brian Clemmer once saying that sometimes not getting what we need and want can hurt so badly that we convince ourselves we don't actually want or need it. This is where giving up hope begins and where we start to slowly decay. We start to die inside. We all have had the experience of at least one or two things in life that truly inspired us, be it a breathtaking sunset, moving music that brings us to tears, or even a story of challenge and growth. Inspiration is a message from our spirit, showing us what feeds it, what gives it Life. Joy also is a signal from your spirit that you are "where you are meant to be" because it is the natural intention of your spirit, who you really are, to be IN JOY and creatively expressing yourself, your spirit in this world.

Writing, comtemplation and playing with creating art are a few ways to draw out what is hiding within us, dying to be uncovered and come to LIFE! So the questions for clearing the layers of fears that are hiding your answer to the question "What am I dying to say Yes! to?" might be something like:
"What does your heart easily and automatically open to?"
"What brings you joy?"
inspires you?"
"Am I willing to say Yes to at least opening the door of new possibility?"

I personally have found writing poetry or listening to the words of my favorite songs shows me a great deal of what joys I have buried that are trying to push up the earth beneath me and sprout a new beginning. I also found that the deeper I went with these questions, the simpler the answers within me became, and for me ultimately my answer to "what am I dying to say Yes! to?" was simply myself, my life and unconditionally loving myself. Try not to overlook the simplest answer. Sometimes our spirit is simply dying to say yes to more rest, more nurturing relationships, healthier food, better ice cream, spending an hour a day in the park or just letting go of worry for a little while each day. Sometimes the more subtle the answer the more powerful it can be.

View from Olmstead Point, Yosemite, CA - Photo by Elaine Bolduc

I love asking people about what they love to do and what their dreams are because their faces light up when they talk about what they want, truly what inspires them, and I can see their true spirit's Light. But what many people say after I ask them "Is that what you are doing now?", they have a "yes, but" response such as "I'd love to learn to dance, but I don't have the body for it" or "I'd love to start writing but I can't make a living at it", or "I'd love to have a loving relationship, but I've learned in the past love can't be trusted" or "I'd love to try a different career, but it's too late for me". My heart sinks when I hear the "yes, but" response from people because just then I can see their spirit's Light begin to fade away as it is pulled back under the covers of fear. Our spirits are ALWAYS attempting to inspire us, to feed its own light and life force. Our spirit shows us what we are dying to say Yes! to through how we feel and how much joy and peace we are experiencing in each moment. Each time it shows us what it is dying to say Yes! to through inspiration and what gives us joy and peace and our response is "yes, but", we have essentially made the choice of putting another nail in the coffin instead of trusting our spirit and opening the door to the possibility of Life and Love. (sorry to be so graffic)

When something sparks your interest, it is your spirit showing you a new possibility, showing you a doorway to creative expression. You can either say Yes! and open the door to see what's on the other side, or you can say "yes, but" and crawl back under the covers. The choice is always yours to make but I will say this - It is okay to trust your spirit, because, being directly connected to your best interests and the Infinite Spirit, it will never lead you astray. I like to think of it as simply "following your heart Home".

Tenaya Lake, Yosemite, CA - Photo by Elaine Bolduc

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dying to say Yes!

Exquisite symphony of light and summer breeze
Entangled in just a hint of peace, and joy
Thoughts progress my confusion further
Understanding is needed less than vision
At least that’s what I tell myself now
An evergreen beauty stirs my heart of insight
And growing demands no more than an illusion made simple
And light and grand as the redwood and cedar itself
I have a life inside I’m told
What it is I don’t really know
It hides from me though there are moments I can see
Just a hint of its peace, and joy
And long warm breezes, candor and breathtaking honesty in me
It cannot run for cover once it has been found
For it has a life all its own
My life and light and love and peace and joy
It is hidden no more I think

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Thought to un-ponder: “What is your soul dying to say Yes! to?”

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