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February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

View from Glacier Point, Yosemite - Photo by Elaine Bolduc

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Romance and Nature

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Romance and Nature

Ah yes, spring is around the corner and it's no wonder that romance is in the air. Blossoming flowers and new relationships, sprouting green grass and the smell of rain, longer, sunnier days and dispositions, all opening our eyes again to the new growth bursting to get out of us, sharing our new insights on life and love and just being who we are each day. Have you ever wondered why we think of flowers and sunsets and walks on the beach as "romantic"? Or what about soft rain on the roof or candlelight? Well, being a past 'hopeless romantic' and also an avid nature-lover, I have. What do all of these have in common? All are aspects or expressions of nature, yes, but more subtle than that even is the softness, the gentleness of the expressions themselves. It's almost as if we are being seduced by Infinite Love itself through nature and in fact the more subtle the expression the more powerful it touches our hearts and remains in our memory. The soft fragrance of flowers, the warm feeling of the sand on the beach, and the gentle washing of the waves across it are all pure, free-flowing expressions of nature, unbound and limitless. Of course I have to admit that backpacking in the mountains, hiking up a river or rock climbing in Yosemite are also romantic to me, but I like being immersed in the Infinite flow of Love and pure nature.

It is said that there is nothing stronger than gentleness and in this we can see how alluring romance truly is, how powerful that subtleness is. We all want it. Yes, even men. We crave what lies underneath the subtle hint of soft, easy peace and joy. Our attraction to 'romance' is really our being gently drawn by Infinite Love Itself, nudging us, pointing us to our true nature. Infinite Love is patient and knows that gentleness is our true nature.

Having recently reread "An Hour to Live, An Hour to Love" by Richard and Kristine Carlson, I can't help but think of them in this moment. How they cherished the soft, gentle moments of their lives together, knowing that those moments are all that mattered. If you have not read this book yet, I highly recommend it. It will joyfully change your perspective on relationships and what is important in life.

I have been IN LOVE for over forty years, with the peaceful mountains, rivers, alpine lakes, redwood trees, tranquil sunrises and vibrant sunsets, thunderstorms and snowfall, quiet rain and warming sunrays, flowers and wolves, orca and the ocean, sand dunes and elephant seals, horses and hummingbirds, puppies and rainbows, splendid waterfalls and soft meadows, swift rapids and slow-moving giraffes, and everything that is pure nature, and the depth and freedom of this Love is like no other I have known in my lifetime and I suspect it will always be that way. For me, loving nature is like embracing my real self.

"Nature brings us back to our center, back Home to our own hearts."

Half Dome at sunset, Yosemite, CA - Photo by Elaine Bolduc

Half Dome, Whole Heart

How can this be that I am your other Half?
What is it that distinguishes me, a mere human being, from you, a mountain of graceful granite?
What is the same in each?
I need your strength and silence to remind me of my own. I thank you for that.
I want to always be in the subtlest of light as sunset washes over your solid and constant function of simply being, the mountain I look to for my own peace, inside of me.
Awakened I see my own heart in you, somehow masking itself as a grand mountain, of seeming grey, but also light.
This was my search for sanctity, in your arms of might and Oneness, in my own heart as you, as me.
How is it that we are held most preciously in Yosemite’s essence of light and simply being, embraced, held as if only you and I are here, alone with our wholeness in each other?
I call this Infinite Peace.
Half Dome, Whole Heart.

California coast - Photo by Elaine Bolduc

I have not simply 'loved' nature and it has not simply 'loved' me. We have been in the infinite flow of Love itself, together, luckily forgetting most of the time that we are not and have never been separate. When my car gave out, I would take the bus just to watch the sunset at the beach, to be with nature, intimately, serenely, in peace, as one. When it rained and I had planned to do a hike in the mountains, I decided to run the trail instead in the pouring rain, fully engaged in the wet dance with nature (yes, I was the only one out there). That was one of my favorite runs! Even though I've always been a big outdoor enthusiast and adventurer, I feel lucky at having met a very insightful man while in college who showed me a great way to look at rainy days and 'failed plans'. Frank Andrews, a chemistry professor at UC Santa Cruz, had written a book titled "The Art and Practice of Loving" and was giving a short speech on changing our outlook on events to shift what we were feeling. He said that he actually had wanted to title the book "The art and practice of a heartfelt yes to the world", but figured that would be too long of a title. But that is actually a better description of what the book is about. So when weather seemed to threaten my plans for being outdoors, I learned to enjoy the rain and snow and the rhythm of nature much more than I would have had I not read that book. Now I actually love weather and being in it! It's all nature.

"If you want to know what pure, Infinite Love is and what it feels like, go to nature. Nature is a clear expression of pure, Infinite Love. Pure Love, Infinite Love surrounds and supports you, mirrors all of your beauty, allows you to grow, and engulfs you in unending peace and inspiration. Your true nature is Infinite Love." (from "The Love of Nature & the Nature of Love")

As this article flows easily out of me, in this moment I feel as if I was born to simply write these words and nothing else. It's as if I am the message itself, finally delivered. Having expressed this particular message, I feel safer, freer, whole and more balanced and complete than I ever have in my life. Who knew it could be so simple? Lighter than a thought even and easier than breathing, this peaceful, kind light in me only wishes to be Itself. Perhaps I am a "hopeful romantic" after all.

Tenaya Lake at sunrise, Yosemite, CA - Photo by Elaine Bolduc

The following poem was inspired, in part, by remembering my own true peaceful spirit and, in part, by a person whom I feel truly embodies a gentle spirit.

The “Gentle” gift

No thoughts
Just quiet light
Soft, gentle, easy

A clean serenity
A new page
Often overlooked for a quicker rhythm
Histories mean nothing in this moment
Of silent breath

Centered in light
Nothing else
The spirit stirs as if to awaken, but not quite yet
Tranquil in its slumber, to simply dream
And be

Peaceful, kind light
The gentlest and most precious of gifts
Softly whispers to my heart
“Just be.”

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- Books -

The Art and Practice of Loving, Frank Andrews
Eckhart Tolle's Findhorn Retreat: Stillness Amidst the World , Eckhart Tolle

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Thought to un-ponder: “When the answer is found within, there is nothing left to search for.”

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