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December 12, 2008


View from Glacier Point, Yosemite - Photo by Elaine Bolduc

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Honoring Your Spirit - Part 2
Creative Expression as Love

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Honoring Your Spirit - Part 2

Do Not Doubt Your Dreams
"A dream is never delivered to an unworthy heart, dear one. When a dream is delivered it is never in error, although the voices in your head may try and convince you otherwise. Dreams are delivered because they are God’s way of reminding you of who you came here to be. God’s way of cheering you on and moving you forward. Do not doubt your dreams or your worthiness, for when you do, you doubt God and the moon and the stars. Dreams have been delivered to your heart for a reason. Because the vision of your life is too grand to be delivered in any other way. A dream is not something you ask God for, but rather it is a gift God asks of you. To live a life beyond this moment, beyond this reality. To reach higher and further. To unfold into a new way of being. The gift of you is a gift to God. Because there is a lifeforce that will never be unless you unleash it. So do not doubt your dreams, dearest one. For they do not doubt you."

~Exerpted from Laurels Blog

When we choose peace,
we honor the Spirit of the One Infinite Peace,
which we are.

Although our minds have been trained otherwise, the easiest
and most natural thing in the world is to love unconditionally.

Allow it to be easy.
Let it be lovingly simple.

Easier than breathing and lighter than a thought,
is your true nature as Infinite Peace Itself.

Natural, effortless, clear, silent, timeless, seamless.

California Coast near Big Sur - Photo by Elaine Bolduc

I AM - Part II

I am the past, present and future tense.
I am all that doesn’t make sense.
I am the sun, moon and milky way.
I am all that I do and do not say.
I am Infinite Truth.
I am. And so are you.

I am the flowers and the winter breeze.
I am springtime and fallen leaves.
I am history in the making.
I am all that is changing.
I am a story to live through.
I am. And so are you.

I am destruction, hatred and fear.
I am the illusion made clear.
I am a piece of the puzzle I cannot see.
I am complete infinity.
I am all I say and do.
I am. And so are you.

I am God, Great Spirit, All-That-Is.
I am the light and eternal bliss.
I am the stars that shine for two.

~ ~ ~

Creative Expression as Love

"Any conditions you place on Love, are those you also place on yourself."

Though Life is actually not a process, but rather an 'ISness', creative expression is still the purpose of that ISness, the Beingness. Life is the Loving Force that IS, creatively expressing Itself only in the perception that it can even have a cause and effect, a duality of light and dark. It does not distinguish between love and fear or being and not being for it only exists as IT IS -pure, Infinite Love. Through creative expression, we love Life itself as that is our true nature for Being.

"The heart opens (we open) to what inspires us because it is a recognition of ourselves (Spirit), our light, as Infinite Love being, moving through this world. What inspires us feeds us as our own life force. Spirit lives here - in the heart, the doorway into this world." - Peaceful Insights, July- 2008

Carmel River, CA - Photo by Elaine Bolduc

~ ~ ~

Silent mind, Peaceful heart

Fresh reeds of green and yellow
And stillness
The clear marsh, quiet
Silence again
The roots of love are not seen

Stopping in the silence
Stop wondering
Stop knowing
Stop seeing
Stop understanding
Cease vision
I wish
All so simple

Reflections of light only
Of you and me.
Of Light
Significance and none

Listening to it
The silent mind
The awakened heart
My life lesson
Of peace

Of the silent mind
Indistinguishable from the Light of Love
Sanctity and none
Simple, easy
Choice - of disillusionment here

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mosquito Lakes, CA - Photo by Elaine Bolduc

“In silence one can receive more because all one's activities become concentrated at one point. There is only one real rhythm; in silence you hear it. When you live to the rhythm of this silence, you become it, slowly; everything you do, you do to it.” ~ Mother Meera


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Thought to un-ponder: “I AM perspective itself.”

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