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August 27, 2008



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The Art of Inner Balance
Your Joyful Inner Genius
Health Note: Homeopathy and Relationships

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"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as though everything is."
—Albert Einstein

The Art of Inner Balance

“The greatest adventure of your life is finding your own rhythm and dancing to it.” ~ E.B.

Balance - to be in equilibrium
Equilibrium - a state of balance between opposing forces
Homeostasis - the tendency of a living organism or system to maintain balance

Polarity - the tendency to turn, grow, think, etc. in opposite directions

Reclaiming our inner balance

If we are looking at life as acting on us, we attempt to bargain with it, yielding to what we are taught to yield to, in order to keep the peace outside of us, with our environment, not realizing we yield our own nature of maintaining inner balance, homeostasis and dishonoring our true spirit. From this state, we search to regain inner balance by attempting to balance what is in the world around us. This is backwards. This stems from the polarized mind. On the other hand, if we are perceiving life as an expression of us, we focus on creating inner balance first, honoring inner peace above all that appears to be outside of us. In truth, the only place we can create peace is within ourselves… perhaps the only place we create anything at all is inside us. An idea, concept first, then projected into the holographic world, imprinted on it with our thoughts, the thought-energy that forms the holographic image, thus light in-formation… knowledge, thoughts in-form. This is indeed an art.

The Dream of Life
"By playing the game in a certain way, with certain people, another source of strength or ability, ... perception comes. It has to do with the way you treat the dream." William Hurt
(comments on The Blue Butterfly movie)

Some cultures have become lost in the p0larized mind and by default, teach to sacrifice our own inner balance, our own truth in order to ‘survive’. This is a great dishonor to the human spirit, for it is in honoring and nurturing our inner truth, our innate balance that we are born with, that we reach beyond the illusory limitations that the human (polarized) mind has believed in and thus created its world out of for thousands of years. Nothing is more powerful, more truly Peaceful than the Spirit that guides us all and Is us. We are the Spirit that creatively expresses and experiences this world. This is where the saying 'you are in the world but not of it' comes from.

Centered in the Tao


Close your eyes and you will see clearly
Cease to listen and you will hear truth
Be silent and your heart will sing
Seek no contact and you will find union
Be still and you will move forward in the tide of the spirit
Be gentle and you will not need strength
Be patient and you will achieve all things
Be humble and you remain whole.
—Taoist meditation excerpted from The Poetry Diary

Inner balance and thus inner peace is our most natural state, but because many of us have learned inner conflict as a way of life instead, a way to survive, we have forgotten this. Luckily it's only a choice away to return to our natural state of peace and joy, but it is us who must choose it now. You are the only one who can claim (or reclaim) your own peace and joy, honoring your spirit in being here. This is how we heal, return to remembering our wholeness.


One Breath

One breath
Is all it takes
To choose peace

One breath
Is all it takes
To remember
Our true selves
As peaceful, kind light

As one breath
In and out

One breath
Is all it takes
To remember Life
To choose Love
Just ONE breath

~ ~ ~

Hope Valley, CA (The perfect balance of flow and stillness)- Photo by Elaine Bolduc

Your Joyful Inner Genius

"Nonlinear thoughts married to linear creativity births genius ideas." ~ EB


Genius: from the Latin "guardian spirit"

Last month I wrote about inspiration and how what inspires us is actually our own spirit. The same goes for joy and the infinite 'genius' state. You might actually say that when our hearts are open to joy, inspired, we are living in our own spirit's genius, or at least tapping into it. The opening and allowing it is how we open the door for our joyful inner genius to show itself, for our spirits to play here, to creatively express its true state of perfectly balanced peace and joy for that is what it IS.

Being someone who grew up with the lesson "you are what you learn" I greatly valued knowing a lot and having intelligence. I thought that genius was having a lot of intelligence, which to me meant knowing a lot of things and having a very complex mind since western culture seems to equate the two. It wasn't until just a couple of years ago that Spirit showed me that the 'genius mind' is actually the simplest mind, as it is more open so more ideas and possibilities are available. The genius mind also doesn't have a lot of unnecessary complexity, what I call debris in the clear flowing river of wisdom. This is how I learned about the 'joyful inner genius', the true infinite Mind that flows through us more readily when our hearts (and thus minds) are wide open, centered in our true state of peace and joy. When we are doing something we greatly enjoy (InJoy) and love to do, we really don't think much anyway because we are centered in the present moment of pure openness. This is where our imagination runs wild and insights are prevalent as opposed to being centered in mind and our thoughts running wild in every direction but the present moment. Next month I will try to explain how the Infinite and the One Point are actually the same thing.

"Sometimes the story finds the storyteller - not the other way around." from the movie Neverwas


~ ~ ~

Journey of the Joyful Heart

I used to search for happiness
Thinking it could be found
For I had seen it in others
And they said that they had ‘found’ it

I no longer seek happiness
For I have been on a journey to the joyful heart

When I finally gave up my search for happiness
IT found me
Joy that is
My own Joyful Heart

Inspiration has been my guide on this journey
And as I follow it without question
The joy in my heart shows the way
Always beckoning me
“Look here! I found a beautiful sunset.
And over here, a golden eagle,
Wings spread wide in the clear open sky.
And here too,
The most eloquent of mountains
Mirrored perfectly in a still blue alpine lake,
Rimmed with crystal snow
And emerald firs”

The joy in my heart always knows the way
And that is all that matters
Through in-Spiration it draws me to myself
Forcing me to breathe in my own spirit
And dance to my own (joyful) heart-beat

The hidden angels of the valleys
And rivers and mountains
And of the moon and stars
Whisper to me
“This way”
“Just across the meadow”
“Not much further, and you will be rewarded”

And me, wanting one more breath of my own spirit
One more heart-beat of pure peaceful Joy
Am obliged to follow
Not really caring why or ‘for what’

So I no longer seek happiness
For I have found the journey,
the dance of the joyful heart
I have found Home

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My joyful inner genius smile at Olmstead Point, Yosemite


Health Note: Homeopathy and Relationships

Homeopathy works with the premise that "like cures like", sort of like an energetic vaccine.
Different doses have different effects on the symptoms (energetic patterns). The higher the number on the remedy, the deeper level it works on within the energy patterns that make up our mental, emotional and physical experiences, Xs being a weaker remedy than Cs. I will not go into detail about homeopathy here, only how the system relates to relationships and the healing (rebalancing) of our energy systems. Interestingly, the deeper the energetic level a remedy works on, the less often the remedy is taken. It's as if the more subtle layers (deeper ones), although more complex and better hidden (think old conditioned 'auto-pilot' patterns here), once matched with the correct remedy, needs an equally subtle 'antidote' so it doesn't take much to trigger its release.

6X - immediate concerning symptoms, for example a runny nose from a cold
9C - as needed per day for more recurring symptoms
30C - 3 times per day, for persistent but not chronic symptoms
200C - 1 time per week, for more chronic symptoms like perhaps arthritis
1M /Constitutional - once per month to as little as once per six months, works on our core constitution, ‘center of the onion’, what makes us tick

Relationships as ‘like cures like’
(Note: these are only my own observances and have not been "documented" by other resources)
"Homeopathic mirrors" - Relationships are like mirrors that show us what is asking to be healed. We are told that what bothers us about other people is actually something in us too, otherwise it wouldn't bother us and that the qualities in others that we admire are actually in us too although we may not acknowledge them.

6X - people we casually meet briefly
9C - people we see daily but do not necessarily interact with at a deep level
30C - people we see daily, friends, family, etc. that we may interact with at a mid-deep level,
for example, friends that are going through the same healing or growth aspect
200C people we see weekly who seem to be addressing the same level of and aspect of growth, healing and life lessons. At this level, we start to sense in the interaction with these people that they 'affect' us, be it seen as good or bad.
1M /Constitutional people - our core remedy - once per month to as little as once per six months, these are those people whom, at our personality or core level of being, are most like us and so, in turn whom most reflect back to us the parts of ourselves that need healing at our core. These connections / relationships can be the most challenging for us as far as growth, but in turn, also the most healing and potentially life changing. If we can rise to the challenge, knowing that the challenge is only there to show us those parts of ourselves that we are not accepting or loving, miracles can happen. I have personally experienced this over the past two years.

As with all change in life, we go through seasons, shifting places and meeting new people and sometimes changing relationships entirely. As our spirits learn and grow, and heal what needed to be healed, then the next layer of the onion to be healed is revealed, which may require a different remedy. In all changes, it is actually the core of our beings that is seeking to be healed, so even within the day to day remedies/relationships/experiences our core being is rebalancing itself. You might say this is our overall goal of returning to our true inner balance.

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Ocean sunset reflection- Photo by Elaine Bolduc



- Books -

The Essential Tao, Thomas Cleary
Wisdom of the Ages, Wayne Dyer

- Websites -
Lee Jampolsky -Motivational Works

Thought to un-ponder: “I am the only one who can choose my own peace and joy.”

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