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April 12, 2009

Happy Spring!

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The Clearer Messages of Metaphors
Horses, Hummingbirds and a Lost Ring

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"Don't worry about what the world needs.
Ask what makes you come alive and do that.
Because what the world needs are people who have come alive.
-Howard Thurman."

The Clearer Messages of Metaphors

Lesson: "Stop looking with your (mind’s) eyes so you can see more clearly with your heart."

One of the most powerful books of wisdom, seen and unseen, is the I Ching, also known as The Book of Changes. Often touted as a hard to understand mysterious language, it's power actually lies within the metaphorical language it uses to relay the energy of its messages, sort of like our favorite song or melody. In this way, it shows us, like other historical treasures of knowledge, universal lessons of life by engulfing us in the essence of the knowledge more than the words of the parable itself making the lesson more easily remembered and incorporated into our way of being.

It has also been said that what we experience as our "reality" is actually 90 degrees from what is really happening, sort of like a movie projector and screen. The movie and projector is the reality and the screen is our perceived reality, what we believe is the actual reality. I bring this up because spring is about change and new life and a chance for new beginnings. Our world, the "reality" we have believed is real for so long is changing at what appears to be an ever increasing rate, exponentially expanding and shifting the ways in which we think about ourselves and our role in this world. In this issue I offer you an easier possibility for communing with these changes by seeing them as opportunities rather than challenges. Seeing with the vision of the heart means to allow ourselves to view our experiences in life as metaphors rather than complete 'reality', thereby learning the lessons of life more quickly and moving forward. If you wake from a dream barely remembering it, the more you reach with your mind to find it again, the farther it seems to move away. But when we let go of looking for it with the mind and simply remember the feeling of the dream, it is more likely to return to our memory like a butterfly to a flower, softly, gently, easily there. Just like the dream, we can use metaphors to help us open our minds to the energy and true messages we are living and creating with our hearts, where all things are actually manifested.

John Denver - Eagles and Horses

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Close your eyes and you will see clearly
Cease to listen and you will hear truth
Be silent and your heart will sing
Seek no contact and you will find union
Be still and you will move forward in the tide of the spirit
Be gentle and you will not need strength
Be patient and you will achieve all things
Be humble and you remain whole.
—Taoist meditation excerpted from The Poetry Diary

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Horses, Hummingbirds and a Lost Ring

"Sometimes the story finds the storyteller - not the other way around." from the movie Neverwas

For the past three years, I have been learning from Horse and Hummingbird teachers, especially in Carmel Valley, California. They have guided me most patiently through the lessons of opening my heart again to joy (hummingbird medicine) and thus new life, and reclaiming my own spiritual power (which is unconditional Love) or you might say "inner horsepower". When I lost my wedding ring recently (inner marriage), I had received several metaphors from Spirit besides the one I opened this issue with above. The morning that I found the ring, Spirit told me I was running from my own broken heart, too afraid to allow myself to rest in the wholeness within my own heart (wedding ring). The image that came with the words was of a place called Horsethief Canyon in the Hope Valley area of California. After allowing the words and images to incubate in my consciousness for a bit, what I understood was that if we are conditioned to grow the fearful, polarized mind ("ego"), it teaches us to be afraid of our own wholeness, sort of like what I now call the "masked bandit", the horse thief which has stolen our inner horse, our true spirit and power. The hidden (masked) twist in this metaphor is that it is literally impossible for someone to take our spirit as that is who and what we are! This lesson was to show me to question the metaphors in life as well. It is less likely that we will forget these kinds of experiential lessons.

Horse medicine teaches us that through the strength and light of gentleness, we are always free and powerful. This is our inner horsepower, our true peace and joy. No one can take that from us.

Wholeness is already there deep within our true hearts. Reclaiming your freedom is reclaiming unconditional love for yourself. Unconditional Love is who you are and thus your birthright, what you are born from and of. Whether you grew up in a less than nurturing home or even a hurtful home, reclaiming unconditional Love for yourself is your birthright and also your choice to remember.  

Rhythm of the Horse - Music by Thomas Newman

The very nature of Love is Infinite expansion, union and cooperation. It is also creative expression which is what these are. A universe relating infinitely to itself, expressing itself to itself and experiencing itself. Life’s dance partner is life itself and by far the best live theater there will ever be.  Otherwise it would not even exist.

When we love something, it is our spirit’s natural expression of union and relatingness, and our spirit’s expression in this world expands. It will always do this because that is simply the true nature of Love, which is what we are. When our expansive spirit experiences limits here, blocks in expression, we feel it in our hearts, where it was expanding as more love to the world, and it hurts.
Our mission if you will, in this life and any life, is to allow our spirits to expand anyways here, which means to love more each day. It is up to us to find a new channel for expressing this Love, who we are and in fact we don’t really have to look for it at all because there are infinite ways to love and the nature of our spirit will guide us towards it.

We can literally mentally, emotionally and physically injure ourselves by attempting to restrict our expression, which is our expansion, which is our true nature, which is to be Love. If we love ‘something’ and suddenly that something goes away, it is up to us to allow a new channel for our loving expansion and expression to open. It will always be there because that is the nature of the universe!  If we feel constriction in one area of our life, say perhaps we lose a job we love or a close relationship ends, it is our infinite spirit’s wisdom showing our fenced minds that it needs a larger pasture to play in, a larger canvas on which to create its amazing masterpiece of life. If we just stand in front of a door that has closed in our life, hoping it will reopen, we will miss the whole point of Love. Love will express and expand infinitely always, so a ‘closed door’ is simply a guidepost, steering us to a new path with more Love, more creative expression and more expansion of spirit in life.

Animals help us remember our spirit by walking beside us, showing us the shoreline, the border between our physial expression in this world and our spirit's flow as our very life force, infinite and free.

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- Books -

Spirit Horses, Tony Stromberg

The Horse Whisperer illustrated companion, Gretel Ehrlich & Robert Redford

Take Me to Truth, Nouk Sanchez & Tomas Vieira

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Thought to un-ponder: “What animal teachers are in my life?”

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